Questions for Practice 4

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Flutter Practice Questions

  • Create a Flutter application with a form that includes text fields for name, email, and phone number. Use custom styling for the form fields.
  • Create a screen with a variety of buttons (e.g., raised, flat, icon, and floating action buttons) demonstrating different styles and functionalities.
  • Implement a table in Flutter displaying a list of products with columns for product name, price, and quantity. Include functionality to sort the table by each column.
  • Design a form with validation that includes fields for user registration: username, password, confirm password, and email. Display appropriate error messages for invalid inputs. Construct a dynamic form in Flutter that adds a new text field every time the user presses an ‘Add’ button. Include a ‘Submit’ button to display all entered data in a dialog box.
  • Create a responsive Flutter layout with a table on a large screen (e.g., tablet or desktop) and a list view on smaller screens (e.g., mobile), containing the same data.
  • Create a multi-step form in Flutter where each step is a different page in a PageView. Include ‘Next’ and ‘Previous’ buttons to navigate between the steps.
  • Implement a custom button in Flutter that changes its color and elevation when pressed, with a smooth animation transition.
  • Create a Flutter application that uses a DataTable widget to display user data fetched from a mock JSON API. Include features for pagination and row selection.
  • Create a sign-in form in Flutter with animated transitions between the ‘Sign In’ and ‘Sign Up’ forms, showcasing a smooth user experience.