Navigation in Flutter

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Navigation is process of moving between different screens (also known as routes or pages) within an app. It’s like going from the Home screen of a app to the Contact screen.

How to Navigate in Flutter?

There are different ways to navigate between screens in Flutter. They are:

  • Using the Navigator
  • Using Named Routes
  • Using Router

Using Navigator

Here’s a simple way to navigate to a new screen using Navigator. You will learn more about navigator in the next section.

  MaterialPageRoute(builder: (context) => SecondScreen()),
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Using Named Routes

Named routes are routes that are named using a string. Here’s how to use named routes to navigate to a new screen.

// First, ensure you have defined the named route in your MaterialApp widget.
  routes: {
    '/': (context) => FirstScreen(),
    '/second': (context) => SecondScreen(),

// Then, use Navigator.pushNamed to navigate to the second screen.
Navigator.pushNamed(context, '/second');
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Using Router

For simple apps, you can use Navigator to move between screens. If your app needs advance navigation, you can use a Router package like (go_router).


In conclusion, if you are making simple apps, use Navigator to move between screens. If you are making complex apps, consider using a Router package like go_router.