Questions for Practice 2

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List and Grid Flutter Practice Questions

  1. Create a Flutter application that displays a list of 10 images of puppies in a ListView.
  2. Create a Todo List application that displays a list of todos in a ListView.
  3. Create a Flutter application that shows a Chessboard using GridView.
  4. Create a simple ListView in Flutter that displays a list of ten strings. Each item in the list should be displayed as a text widget.
  5. Display a list of numbers from 1 to 50. Each number should be shown in a separate list item.
  6. Create a ListView.builder that displays a list of names. If a name starts with the letter ‘A’, it should be displayed with a green color; otherwise, it should be displayed in red.
  7. Create a horizontal ListView that displays a list of images. Ensure that the ListView scrolls horizontally.
  8. Implement a ListView inside another ListView. The outer ListView should have three items, and each item should contain an inner ListView with five text items.
  9. Implement a GridView with a two-column layout. Populate it with 20 square containers, each with a unique color or decoration.
  10. Use GridView.builder to create a grid of items where each item has a different aspect ratio. For example, alternate between items with a 1:1 and 2:1 aspect ratio
  11. Create a GridView where the number of columns changes based on the device orientation (portrait or landscape).
  12. Implement an infinite scrolling ListView using ListView.builder, where more items are loaded when the user scrolls to the end of the list.
  13. Create a GridView.builder that displays a grid of items. When an item is tapped, it should display an alert dialog with the item’s index or other details.