Publish Flutter App on App Store

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This section will help you to learn how to publish app on app store(iOS) step by step.


Before publishing andriod app to app store make sure you have the following requirements.

  • App Logo (1024x1024px)
  • Screenshots iPhone(“6.7,6.5,5.5”), iPad(“12.9 6th Gen, 12.9 2nd Gen”)
  • App Name, Description, Short Description, Subtitle, Category, Sub category, Pricing
  • App Private Policy
  • Support URL
  • Marketing URL
  • About Us
  • Flutter App
  • Apple developer account enrolled in developer program
  • Mac that supports Xcode
  • Xcode latest version
Step 1: Create certificate
  • Create a certificate in app developer then fill the form
  • Download and install certificate
Step 2: Get identifier
  • Click the identifiers
  • Fill the form i.e., create the bundle id
  • Go to Apps and click new app
  • Fill the form(name, bundle id)
Step 3: Define the signing key
  • Open the project
  • Fill the data form in Sign In
  • You have to define the signing key (by signing the developer account in Xcode automatically signing will be happen)
Step 4: Update App Icon
  • Open Andriod Studio and click ios
  • Go to runnner and put the image of you app icon in assets.xcassets
Step 5: Upload your App
  • Go to Xcode and click the Build then click archive.
  • After clicking archive the app will directly come to the TestFlight.
  • After that, go to the AppStore and click Add Build then again click the app and click done button.
  • If you have any remaning to fill the form you can check and fill it like Description,Support URL, Marketing URL, Contact Information.
  • Put the link of App Privacy Policy
  • Click to Add for Review

Note: After 2, 3 business days your app will be approved after reviewing and it will be publishes