Local Storage In Flutter

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Local storage is like the memory of your app. Think about it:

  • 📝 You have a to-do app.
  • ❌ Every time you close the app, your tasks are gone.
  • 🎩 Local storage is solution to this problem.

Why Do We Need Local Storage?

Wondering why local storage is a big deal? Here’s why:

  • Persistence: Keep data even after the app is closed.
  • Offline Access: Users can access their data without internet.
  • Performance: Data on the device means faster access.
  • User Experience: Apps that remember preferences = Happy users!

3. Flutter’s Local Storage Options

There are different ways to store data locally in Flutter. Here are the most popular ones:

Option Description
SharedPreferences Great for small data like settings. Like a tiny storage box.
Flutter Secure Storage For storing sensitive data like passwords. Encrypted & secure.
Hive A blend of simplicity & performance. Think of it as Flutter’s magic.
SQLite A lightweight database. Ideal when data needs structure.

When you’re starting out, it’s best to start with SharedPreferences. It’s simple and easy to use. In upcoming sections, you will learn about each of these options in detail.